Bill Kaiser



Current Companies


Past Investments

Alias Research (IPO 1990, Acquired by Silicon Graphics in 1995), Aras (Private), Authentica (Acquired by EMC in 2006), Avid Technology (IPO 1993), Checkfree Corporation (IPO 1995, Acquired by Fiserv in 2007), Clarus Corporation (IPO 1998), Cybertrust (Acquired by Verizon Business in 2007), Full Capture Solutions (Private), FutureTense (Acquired by OpenMarket in 1999), Gateway Design Automation (Acquired by Cadence in 1990), Lumigent (Private), Mainspring Communications (IPO 2000, Acquired by IBM in 2001), MapInfo Corporation (IPO 1994), NTRU Cryptosystems (Private), Open Market (IPO 1996, Acquired by Divine in 2001), Raptor Systems (IPO 1996, Acquired by Axent in 1998), Reflectent (Acquired by Citrix in 2006), SightPath (Acquired by Cisco in 2000), Spyglass (IPO 1995, Acquired by OpenTV in 2000), Student Advantage (IPO 1999), Wildfire Communications (Acquired by Orange in 2000)


Bill joined Greylock in 1986 after a seven-year career in sales and marketing with Hewlett Packard and Apollo Computer. He is a graduate of MIT with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and computer science and has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Bill is currently on the boards of Constant Contact (NASDAQ: CTCT), Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), Typesafe, and WildTangent.

He previously served on the boards of Alias Research (acquired by SGI), Avid Technology, CheckFree, Clarus, Course Technology (acquired by Thomson), Gateway Design Automation (acquired by Cadence), Lumigent, Mainspring Communications (acquired by IBM), MapInfo, Open Market (acquired by divine), Raptor Systems (acquired by Axent, now part of Symantec), Reflectent (acquired by Citrix), SightPath (acquired by Cisco), Spyglass (acquired by Open TV), Student Advantage and Tenth Planet (now part of Mattel).