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Greylock companies have defined the social space, began the SaaS movement and changed the way people consume music. 


Our companies are working on today and tomorrow's challenges and making the impossible happen every day.


The portfolio spans seed companies from two founders in a garage to those that generate billions in revenue. We offer a wide selection of options in company size, technology focus, and industry.


Greylock is not merely looking for talented people. We are looking for the best that believe they will change the world one day.


Please submit your information if you're interested in being part of our network of developers, designers, product managers and sales leaders.

Begin Your Career 


Like your first mentor or the friends that you make in college, your first job will play a vital part in defining and shaping your career.


Working at a startup is like no other job. At startups, you get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with others like you that are singularly obsessed with one thing: solving the world's most difficult problems.Responsibility comes on the first day of the job and the impact is yours to make.


By applying through Greylock, our internal recruiting team will look at your specific skill set and connect you to exceptional startups that best fit your goals, expertise and interest.


You will receive mentoring as you work alongside the world's best entrepreneurs to see how the next great startups are built so that you can launch your vision one day.