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Brian Chesky

CEO & Co-Founder of Airbnb

Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky joined Greylock partner Reid Hoffman on Greylock's Iconversations speaker series to talk about how he guided Airbnb from an 80% loss within the first two months of the pandemic to a record-breaking IPO by the end of 2020; why Silicon Valley needs to redefine how it measures growth; how Chesky’s design background informs Airbnb’s business strategy; and, ultimately, the importance of putting people first.

Sam Altman

CEO of OpenAI

OpenAI is moving the needle forward by creating AI tools that will help realize human ideas and elevate daily workflows. CEO Sam Altman speaks with Greylock partner Reid Hoffman about the potential of large language models, the extended capabilities of new applications, and the role of AI in the technological revolution. Altman envisions a future with artificial intelligence as the basis for advancements across all industries.

Sarah Friar

CEO of Nextdoor

Nextdoor is willing to take some risks on its mission to build the neighborhood network. CEO Sarah Friar shared how Nextdoor has deployed tools that may impact growth, but are ultimately, "the right thing to do in order to build communities." Sarah joined Greylock general partner and Nextdoor board member David Sze on Greylock's Iconversations speaker series to discuss how the company strives to reflect the communities of the world.

Harley Finkelstein

President of Shopify

President of Shopify Harley Finkelstein discusses the evolution of e-commerce with Greylock partner Mike Duboe on Greylock's Iconversations series. During the conversation, Finkelstein talks about his personal journey as an entrepreneur, his interest in empowering other entrepreneurs, and the economic impact on the industry. He also shares his predictions for the future of retail and lays out how Shopify fits into that landscape.

Mellody Hobson

Co-CEO of Ariel Investments

Ariel Investments President and co-CEO Mellody Hobson, who was recently named the chair of the board of Starbucks Corporation, joins Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman. Hobson, who is the first black woman to chair a Fortune 500 board, shares highlights from her career as an investor, board member, financial educator and philanthropist, and discusses the fundamental changes necessary to diversify corporate America.

James Manyika

SVP of Technology & Society, Google

Google's first-ever SVP of Technology and Society James Manyika joins Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman for a discussion on the various ways technology impacts business, global economies, culture, and humankind. Manyika is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence, robotics, and globalization, and has been a highly-sought out advisor to many of the world's top tech companies. He spent nearly 30 years as an advisor at McKinsey Global and has held numerous board and consulting roles across academia, nonprofits, and government.

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