We are thrilled to announce that Mike Duboe has been promoted to general partner at Greylock. Today, more than ever, technology is touching every aspect of consumers’ lives. We’re excited to have Mike helping entrepreneurs who are building the next generation of commerce, marketplaces, and network-oriented businesses. 

Our partnership is focused on working closely with entrepreneurs to help them build and scale across company stages — all the way from an early idea on a whiteboard through company IPO. We strive to be high-impact board members and trusted advisors, and help across key aspects of company building. We are thrilled to have Mike as a general partner at Greylock, and believe he is an exceptional partner to entrepreneurs.

For consumer entrepreneurs looking to take their company from zero to one, partnering with an investor who understands growth is critical. Mike has an unmatched passion and knowledge for all things growth. He knows how to create durable products, and attract and retain passionate users. This stems from Mike’s time at Tilt, a scrappy product (and community) led company. As the first growth hire during Tilt’s early days, Mike helped them define, understand, instrument, and accelerate growth. Mike built and scaled several teams across Analytics, Marketing, Growth, Referrals, and Community — from 0 to ~30 — and helped focus the company on international communities where growth was most intense. 

Entrepreneurs also need a partner who understands what it takes to build a later-stage, at-scale performance marketing growth program. Mike is extremely data-driven — having technical empathy from a BS/MS in engineering, and building organizations whose main objectives are experimentation and quantifying truth. At the same time, Mike is also people-driven and able to spot (and develop) up-and-coming talent. His strong network has proven to be invaluable in working with entrepreneurs. During Mike’s time leading growth at Stitch Fix, he was responsible for all things user acquisition, before the company had any dedicated hires around it. He grew the team from zero to twenty and worked cross-functionally to establish an in-house growth and performance marketing org. 

Since joining Greylock in 2018, Mike has been both a critical resource to the broader portfolio, and has led multiple new early stage investments, all unannounced and/or in stealth.   In particular, Mike has led multiple marketplace investments, and he continues to go deep around both consumer and verticalized B2B marketplaces. He believes that there’s massive opportunity in the underlying infrastructure powering the new wave of commerce, and has leveraged his experiences to help tech-forward e-commerce companies invest in problems he knows well. Mike is also making investments around consumer subscription and emerging content and media platforms.

Mike embodies Greylock’s unique core values. He’s competitive and collaborative, rigorous and trustworthy, high integrity and high horsepower. And because he’s an operator as his core, we know Mike will be a valuable partner to the entrepreneurs he backs.

Please join us in congratulating Mike — you can reach him at mduboe [at] greylock [dot] com and follow him on Twitter @mduboe and on LinkedIn.


David Sze

Advisory Partner

David invests in consumer media, gaming and social platforms that have the potential to connect millions of people.

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