Now in its eighth year, Greylock’s Techfair continues to offer an experience unlike other career events. While every year is different, the goal of Techfair remains the same: to help build the teams and companies that power the future.

Techfair is a highly selective and curated event that brings together the best and brightest engineering students and recent grads – from undergraduate to Ph.D. – with some of the most exciting and fast-growing technology startups. This year’s Techfair will take place virtually on July 16th.

Far too often, career events are crowded and don’t provide adequate opportunities for engineering students to speak directly with companies. Moreover, companies struggle to find and focus on the right candidates among a sea of attendees. We know that doesn’t often lead the kinds of meaningful connections that launch careers. Techfair is designed to be a focused and structured event that meets the goals of both students and companies.

Student Participants
Students are vetted and selected for their skills and experience, and companies participate with the intention of finding their next hires. Approximately 500 of the most outstanding engineering students and recent grads are selected from a pool of thousands of highly qualified, talented candidates from top universities such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, UCLA, UC Berkeley, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and others.

Start-up Company Participants
All attendee companies are actively recruiting and are backed by top-tier venture capital firms.
Only a few dozen of the best startups are selected from a handful of venture firm portfolios, so students can confidently explore opportunities at the most exciting, fast-growing companies in secure financial standing and strong operational support from their venture capital partners. At previous Techfairs, students connected with companies like Dropbox, GoFundMe, Nextdoor, Figma, Nuro, Aurora, Roblox and Convoy before those companies became household names.

The event is also a rare opportunity for prospective employees to meet directly not only with hiring managers, but their potential future team leaders and colleagues. Attendees include a range of technical staff like product managers and engineers who can provide detailed, firsthand information about their role and their company’s culture.

MIT student Divya Gopinath attended Techfair in 2019 and made connections that led to a machine learning engineering internship at Instabase. After interning at the Series B startup, Divya decided to work full-time at an even earlier stage Greylock-backed company. The breadth and depth of conversations Divya was able to have at Techfair helped her refine her career goals and identify the kinds of people she wanted to work with.

“It was awesome to join a company with a strong product, but even more than that, a vision,” said Divya. “More broadly, Techfair gave me a great sense of the tech entrepreneurship landscape, and forced me to think about what problems were considered cutting-edge in the industry.”

This year’s Techfair will take place virtually on July 16th. If you are a student interested in participating, apply here. For companies interested in participating in Techfair, please email