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A Partnership.

From Day One.

For decades, Greylock has worked with ambitious, inventive entrepreneurs to build and grow enduring businesses. Our success is premised on a proven approach and perspective.

Introduction: Your ideas, our engagement

The majority of Greylock investments go to entrepreneurs who are creating their first enterprise. They often arrive at our office with a deep insight, a kernel of technology vision, and a hunger to solve difficult problems – but  without any employees, a dollar of revenue, or even a single line of code.

We listen. We want to learn about founders’ inspiration and ambition. In our initial conversations, we make no assumptions and fully expect that key questions remain unanswered. Our persistent interest is to help founders amplify their concept, construct a robust foundation, and embark on a journey from early concept to public company.

Experience: A foundation for future success

Our initial work with early-stage founders typically begins in front of a white board. We collaborate on refining and crystalizing the product focus and features. We lend our perspective on which customer use cases can drive pricing power. We iterate on how to precisely describe the innovation in order to appeal to qualified prospects. Drawing on Greylock’s deep experience, our goal is to help entrepreneurs make the crucial, high-consequence decisions about market segmentation, technology architecture, and people that will prove critical to building a category-leading business.

Advantage: A single platform from concept to IPO

Our partnership with founders flourishes after the first check. Our track record of identifying and successfully recruiting world-class engineers and early-stage executives to portfolio companies is unmatched. Our vast network leads to customer engagement and feedback from the earliest weeks. As a product gets ready for introduction, we leverage the Greylock platform for go-to-market team building, customer pipelines, and market launches. As the business grows, we are a strong resource for strategy, product expansion, value-added board directors, and facilitating future financing rounds. While we take understandable pride in the companies we have partnered with, we believe our lasting achievement has been the ability to help first-time founders develop into inspirational leaders and pioneering technologists.

Focus: Our commitment to entrepreneurs

Our commitment to early-stage entrepreneurs comes at a time when the venture capital industry is undergoing significant change. In this crowded field, we see a growing number of seed incubators who have developed a well-deserved reputation for identifying promising founders and writing a first check. At the other end of the spectrum are large, established investment firms who have grown multiple business lines, funding many companies across various stages.

We believe Greylock occupies a different and critical space for the ambitious founder. Our sole focus is on hearing from entrepreneurs who seek not only funding, but also an engaged partner who can help them build an important, valuable enterprise that we can all be proud of.

In every investment, our commitment is to be that partner from day one, working alongside founders at every stage of challenge and success.

Results: From idea to iconic

We’ve stayed true to this approach for more than five decades. We are fortunate to have been early partners to some of the most important technology companies, including Airbnb, AppDynamics, Coinbase, Discord, Figma, Instagram, LinkedIn, Lyra Health, Meta, Nextdoor, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, Redfin, Roblox, Rubrik, Sumo Logic, and Workday.

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