From start up
to scale up.

Greylock specialists help you build a successful company, from seed to IPO and beyond.

We help you build and develop the executive leadership team at your company.

Executive Recruiting

We help design the strategy for building the executive team over time, create an efficient and effective process for searches and interviews, partner with executive search firms to fill a pipeline of candidates, and reference candidates through the extensive Greylock network.

Board of Directors

As your company scales, you will need to bring on new board members. We help identify and refer candidates for independent board director positions.

Holly Rose Faith

Renee Signore

We help you hire critical engineering, product and design talent.

Core Talent Recruiting Strategy

We offer guidance on building out a strong internal recruiting function, honing your pitch, recruiting best practices, closing candidates, interview guidance, access to operational resources, recruiting tools/systems advice, referrals to vendors, compensation data.

Portfolio Jobs and Candidate Referrals

Promote your open positions through our job portal. Get introductions to exceptional candidates from the Greylock network.

University Programs

Access to exceptional undergraduate and graduate technical students and recent grads through the Greylock University network, Techfair and other university events.

Glen Evans

Dwane Hamilton

John Delaney

Katy Amaya

Julie Smith

Yuliya Mykhaylovska

We help you find lighthouse customers, and we expose enterprises to the newest, most promising technologies.

For portfolio companies

Product validation

For the earliest-stage companies, we can help get you access to corporate technology leaders who can provide early feedback and guidance as you evaluate product-market fit.

Beta customers

We facilitate introductions to corporate customers and partners who have interest and willingness to work with earlier-stage technologies. They offer product feedback, potential use-cases, and messaging help. And they often become beta customers.

Scale GTM

For entrepreneurs with mature products and growing sales teams, we help with Go-to-Market strategy to reach new customers and partners.

For CXOs


We share Greylock’s perspective on where markets are going and what trends are developing across industries and functions.

Introductions To The Most Promising New Technologies

We host highly curated briefings and make targeted introductions based on your company’s priorities with the goal of arming you with vital insights to help your organization address its current and future challenges. Our portfolio companies benefit from your product feedback, advice on product-market fit, and opportunities to co-develop in support of your organization’s technology needs.

Incubate Ideas with Your Peer CXOs

Build a relationship with Greylock and gain access to our private CXO events. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us below so we can help you along your innovation journey.

Lee Haney

Cyrus Pinto

We help you share your story with the people who need to hear it most.


We help with your marketing strategy — including messaging, positioning, branding and tactical plans — from the earliest days of starting your company through the later stages of scale.

PR and Communications

We support funding announcements, product launches, and ongoing media relations with our robust network of top-tier business and tech reporters across sectors. We also host private press dinners and offer media training workshops. And we are here to help you manage internal and external communications when brand-impacting issues come up.


Greymatter, Greylock’s podcast and blog, showcases entrepreneurial stories from company builders in the portfolio and beyond.

Network and Events

As part of the Greylock network, you will join us for various community building events to help you connect with peers, customers, and other industry leaders.


Elisa Schreiber

Liz Cherson

Kaitlin Durkosh

Heather Mack