Throughout the history of computing, humans have had to learn to speak the language of machines. In the new paradigm, machines will understand our language.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence promise to fundamentally redefine human-machine interaction. We will soon have the ability to relay our thoughts and ideas to computers using the same natural, conversational language we use to communicate with people. Over time these new language capabilities will revolutionize what it means to have a digital experience.

Today, Reid and I are excited to announce that we are co-founding a new company, Inflection AI. Inflection will be an AI-first consumer products company, incubated at Greylock, with all the advantages and expertise that come from being part of one of the most storied venture capital firms in the world.

Karén Simonyan will be our Chief Scientist and co-founder. Karén is one of the most accomplished deep learning leaders of his generation. He completed his PhD at Oxford, where he designed VGGNet and then sold his first company to DeepMind. He created and led the deep learning scaling team and played a key role in such breakthroughs as AlphaZero, AlphaFold, WaveNet, and BigGAN.

I will remain a venture partner at Greylock, and I will continue to spend some of my time advising early-stage companies and investing in promising startups in the AI space. Reid will maintain his full-time role as a general partner at Greylock.

There will be more details in months to come on our product plans. Meanwhile, we are actively building a world-class team. You can find out more at


Mustafa Suleyman

Venture Partner

Mustafa is visionary leader in applied AI.

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