At the same time, hospitals are seeing staffing shortages. Medical specialists such as infectious disease doctors and hematologists are in short supply, with the majority of US hospitals missing at least one critical specialty. Hospitals in rural areas are especially vulnerable, with an average of just 30 specialists per 100,000 residents.

These dynamics have created a unique opportunity to build a network connecting underserved hospitals with on-demand medical specialists. That’s why I am excited to share our investment in AmplifyMD. At Greylock, we love to support founders from the earliest stages. We’ve been partnered with AmplifyMD since we co-led the seed round with our friends at Forerunner, and have continued to support them with their Series A, led by F-Prime.

Through its hardware agnostic software platform, AmplifyMD greatly expands the ability of hospitals and specialists to serve patients, allowing local physicians and patients to connect with the specialists they need regardless of location. Whether in an inpatient, outpatient, or asynchronous setting, AmplifyMD’s clinical and workflow integrations allow seamless blending of remote and onsite medical teams to provide optimal patient care, along with streamlined documentation, billing, and care coordination.

For hospitals, AmplifyMD’s technology is easy to deploy, fits into the hospital’s workflow, and the intuitive product experience works on any device. It enables hospitals to serve more patients without needing to have all specialities available on-site, ultimately saving costs.

And in the age of remote and distributed work, specialists in the AmplifyMD network can reach more patients in more locations, and have more flexibility over when and where they work. This is an important trend we see in the future of work – professionals want more flexibility and doctors are no different.

But most importantly, AmplifyMD improves quality of care for patients. Patients can access the help they need without having to be transferred to another hospital (often over long distances) to reach a specialist. Improved access to healthcare leads to better patient outcomes.

AmplifyMD was founded by Meena Mallipeddi (CEO) and Anand Nathan (CPO), mission-driven founders with strong business, technology, and operations backgrounds. They both come from families of doctors serving rural areas and have a personal passion for improving access to healthcare. I worked closely with Anand during our time at LinkedIn, and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him again.

The company has seen strong traction since it launched its first pilot at DeSoto Memorial Hospital in Arcadia. Today, AmplifyMD works with over 20 hospitals across the country, and has helped thousands of patients across those health systems. I’m honored to partner with Meena and Anand on their mission to improve access to great healthcare.


David Thacker

Venture Partner

David invests in mission driven founders who are tackling big problems with great product experiences.

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