Christine works with the next generation of entrepreneurs who are reimagining the way we live.

Christine Kim is an investor on the consumer team at Greylock focused on technology that impacts — and improves — our everyday lives. This includes how we shop (commerce infrastructure, creative shopping experiences, and digital native consumer brands), where we live (real estate, transportation/micro-mobility), and how tech can improve our health and wellness (fertility/reproductive health, aging, and mental health). She brings a Gen Z perspective to Greylock, and looks at the potential of technology through that lens.

Prior to joining Greylock, Christine spent 5 years at Uber, building a track record of identifying and incubating strategic growth initiatives. Christine first joined Uber as an engineer on the Developer Platform team to build Uber’s first external API, providing the foundation for strategic integrations like Baidu and Google Maps. Recognizing the value of API partnerships, Christine then lead Product for Uber’s API development platform and grew the company’s API ecosystem to 40+ products, powering strategic partnerships across Rider (Google, Barclays); Driver (Vehicle Leasing, Getaround); Eats (McDonalds, Sweetgreen); and New Modalities (JUMP, Lime). Christine and her team launched, led Eats Web/SEO -which had been long overlooked at the app-first company – and grew monthly first trips to 1+ million in less than a year, solidifying the web as a key pillar for growth within the Eats business. Most recently, she incubated new verticals on the Eats platform including pharmacy, flowers, and pet supplies.

Before Uber, Christine worked on the enterprise pricing and customer success team at Box, on the sales team at Bloomberg LP, and as an analyst at Credit Suisse. She’s also been an angel investor and VC scout.

Christine is passionate about building inclusive tech and is active in communities like Women in Product and Grace Hopper. Christine was born and raised in the Bay Area to a family of doctors and healthcare workers, with little exposure to programming and tech culture. She stumbled upon her first CS class in college, fell in love, and switched majors last minute from Economics to Computer Science. She is an advocate for STEM education for women, minorities, and underserved populations, developing CS algorithms modules for Khan Academy and regularly volunteering with Mission Bit and Built By Girls. She has a B.S. in Computer Science from Dartmouth University.

In her free time, she loves to (attempt to) cook, host dinner parties, and explore the outdoors (hiking and skiing).


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