General Partner

Jacob backs founders building the next generation of consumer technology.

Jacob is a product executive and builder, who spent the majority of his career working at one of the most defining consumer platforms in the last decade. At Greylock, he focuses on backing founders building the next generation of consumer software.

Jacob joins us after spending 8 years at Snap, where he helped scale the company from its early days to 360M+ DAUs and $4.5B in revenue.

Most recently at Snap, Jacob was Senior Vice President of Growth. Previously, he served in various roles including Vice President of Product, Director of Product and Growth, Director of Growth, and Design Engineer.

For most of his time at the company, he ran a team of several hundred people across the product, design, growth, data science and analytics, and user research teams.
Under his leadership, he launched some of its biggest initiatives, including Spotlight. Most recently, he launched My AI, Snap’s own AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

“Digging in and working on the hardest, most important problems is what’s most fulfilling to me, and I’m excited to collaborate with founders on these kinds of challenges.”

Earlier in his career at Snap, Jacob spent time creating and running the growth team. He established the Core-Product-Value growth framework and the international growth playbook. This led to growth in daily active users from 80M to 363M.

Prior to Snap, Jacob co-founded and led product at ThinkAkili, an online retail analytic platform. He holds a B.S. in Biomedical Computing from Queens University.