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Jason works with entrepreneurs who are driving AI-enabled advances in software, infrastructure, and security.

Jason is focused on advancing the role of AI and ML in next generation software.

He joined Greylock in 2019, bringing with him a lifelong immersion in data and machine learning. Coming of age in the “Moneyball” era of baseball bred Jason’s fascination with statistics. While his dream job of becoming the general manager for the San Francisco Giants hasn’t panned out (yet), his love of using data to understand anomalies endured.

Prior to Greylock, Jason worked at the AI Fund startup studio, where he launched AI-enabled SaaS startups by iterating on prototypes, signing design partners, and recruiting the founding team.

Previously, he was a management consultant at McKinsey’s Bay Area practice, where he advised companies on how to respond to new technology trends as well as operations like sales and marketing. Jason first got involved with startups as a part of the business operations team during a high-growth period at Opendoor, where he optimized pricing models and purchasing processes to improve unit economics. There, while spending half of his time with the data science team and the other half in the field with real estate brokers, he got a taste for cross-functional collaboration, company-building, and scaling culture.

Jason believes that while generalized AI/ML applications are many years away, ML is already becoming a core ingredient in information technology.

Given the hype around the technology, Jason is particularly focused on partnering with founders who possess the unique ability to explain their ideas clearly through both a technical and a business lens.

“I’m very drawn to founders who are cogent communicators and lay out a vision with higher-level thinking. Given the current competition in machine learning, entrepreneurs need to use their domain expertise to sketch out how gains from ML can propagate through to flip the economics of their business.”

Jason graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford with a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science and an M.S. in Statistics with a focus on machine learning. While at Stanford, he received the J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for Scholastic Achievement and was also a Mayfield Fellow. He is an avid reader and spends much of his free time hiking in his home county of Marin.


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