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Roger Evans

Partner Emeritus

Roger Evans is a partner emeritus at Greylock.

Roger came to Greylock after a successful career as the CEO of Micom Systems, a Greylock-sponsored company he and a partner started in 1976. Roger is on the board of Picarro and Silver Peak Systems. He also served on the board of and led Greylock’s investment in companies such as Ascend (acquired by Lucent), Argon Networks (acquired by Siemens), Crosscomm (acquired by Olicom), Maker Communications (acquired by Conexant), Openwave, RightNow Technologies, Sahara Networks (acquired by Cascade), Sirocco Systems (acquired by Sycamore), Syndesis (acquired by Subex Azure), Whitetree (acquired by Ascend), Xircom (acquired by Intel), and Zeitnet (acquired by Cabletron).

He is a graduate of Cambridge University.

Previous Investments

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