In the largely remote working world of today, most live communication and collaboration comes in the form of scheduled meetings and constant typing. While these are critical tools for remote teams, people are often exhausted by the constant back to back meetings and wall of text to scroll through. At the same time, they report feeling disconnected from their team members due to the lack of spontaneous chats – work-related or otherwise – that organically arise in office settings.

That’s why Remotion built a video workspace designed for a faster, more connected way of working remotely. Remotion shows your teammates and their availability in a lightweight dock on the side of your screen. It also takes the guesswork out of whether it’s a good time to talk by having users set their status, and integrating with Google Calendar. The result, says Remotion CEO and co-founder Alexander Embiricos, is a stronger sense of team cohesion forged by the ability to virtually glance over at colleagues and strike up a conversation – without the “pomp and circumstance” of setting up a meeting.

“Scheduled meetings can be exhausting, whether they are on video or in person. But ad-hoc conversation is actually energizing,” says Embiricos.

Founded in 2019 and in beta since March 2020, Remotion publicly launched last week and announced their Series A, led by Greylock. Embiricos joined Greylock general partner and Remotion board member Sarah Guo on the Greymatter podcast to share how Remotion is helping companies build a talk-live culture even while remote; how early customers are using the product; and his vision for the future of work. This episode is part of the #WorkFromAnywhere podcast series.

You can listen to the episode here.