The pace of change is faster than it has ever been, and it will never be this slow again. Only the nimble survive, quickly pivoting away from problems – and towards opportunities.

But what does being nimble look like in practice? What strategies should leaders employ in their hiring practices, ongoing operational processes, and adoption of new technologies that provide them with the flexibility to expand during good times and reinvent themselves during more challenging moments? What has fundamentally changed about the way both legacy enterprise organizations and newly formed startups think about the future?

Peter High, a recognized expert on tech and business IT who is the president of Metis Strategy and the host of the popular Technovation podcast, provides a detailed look at the ways businesses can incorporate agility into their operations in his new book Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader. On the latest episode of Greymatter, Peter sat down with Greylock specialist Lee Haney to discuss the book. You can listen to the conversation here:


Lee Haney

Partner, CXO

Lee connects entrepreneurs with senior technology leaders, matching early-stage solutions to the scale challenges facing the world’s largest and most important enterprises.

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