Partner, CXO

Lee and his team support entrepreneurs on their go-to-market efforts by connecting them with Greylock’s network of innovative enterprise technology leaders.

Overseeing Greylock’s CXO Program since 2018, Lee exists fully in two worlds: with early-stage portfolio companies and in Greylock’s network of large enterprise companies they want to work with.

Lee’s team brings an expansive view of the technology landscape, helping enterprise leaders identify new tools while finding a place for Greylock entrepreneurs to grow their companies through early product validation, pilot implementations, and scale opportunities with key customers.

Providing customer opportunities for portfolio companies looks different each time, says Lee.

“Some customers are looking to get ahead of their competitors and need something that is ready to deploy immediately,” says Lee. “Others want to experiment with the newest, earliest technologies and be on the bleeding edge, and they are willing to spend more time testing things out.”

Prior to joining Greylock, Lee served in several operating roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, including as Chief Operating Officer of Vertica, as Chief of Staff to the EVP and General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, and helping lead the value creation program that created DXC. Technology, Micro Focus, and today’s Hewlett Packard Enterprise from the former combined Hewlett-Packard companies. In previous roles, Lee worked in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and served as a Counterintelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps, having deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lee’s experience with HP – which he says rivals the complexity of the challenges he faced as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps – helped him cultivate the core strength of identifying problems and solutions particular to a range of teams, technology systems and financial needs. However, there is a key difference in working within a large enterprise organization and working as a liaison between them and innovative startups.

“Now, it’s working with people who have problems to solve but don’t have the tools yet, so we get to show them what is possible,” says Lee.

Lee grew up in Colorado and enjoys the outdoors. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


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