Secure By Design

Innovation happens fast in the cloud-first era of today. Yet the tools and processes that allow software developers to ensure their products are secure were designed for a different era. As such, existing risk controls often act as an impediment to the digital transformation and hinder developers’ ability to quickly ship software.

Idan Plotnik and Yonatan Eldar understood this challenge all too well. While working as leaders of product and engineering teams at Microsoft, they were tasked with satisfying the two (often competing) demands of product delivery times as well as security and compliance requirements. Across the industry, most teams were still using point solutions and manual, periodic controls that slowed down production. So in 2019, the two branched out to start apiiro: an end-to-end platform designed to enable developers to embed security earlier in the software development process.

The company, which came out of stealth and announced a $35 million Series A in October, now works with enterprise customers across multiple sectors including financial services, healthcare and gaming.

“We formed apiiro to reinvent the secure software development life cycle,” says Plotnik, who serves as apiiro CEO. “We wanted to solve the board-level challenge by bridging the gap between CISOs and build trust between development, security and compliance teams.”

Imperva CISO Samir Sherif, whose company works with apiiro, says the ability for developers to shorten their time to market and build products that are quickly adopted by businesses depends on their ability to transition from waterfall to agile development. Having a unified platform to achieve that while meeting security and compliance regulations is critical.

“The practical reality is that technology is moving much faster, but the rules of the road are still there,” says Sherif.

On the latest episode of Greymatter, Greylock general partner and apiiro board member Saam Motamedi sat down with Plotnik and Imperva CISO Samir Sherif, whose company partnered with apiiro. You can listen to the podcast here.