Saam is the first partner to enterprise founders on their path to building foundational companies.

Saam is wholly focused on partnering with the next generation of enterprise software entrepreneurs, leveraging his experience helping companies scale from initial product through growing revenues. He partners with entrepreneurs at the seed and early stages who are focused on new opportunities in applied AI, cybersecurity, data and machine learning infrastructure, and SaaS.

At Greylock, Saam has led investments in and sits on the board of security companies like Abnormal, Apiiro, and Opal; application companies like Cresta; data & analytics companies like Snorkel, and infrastructure companies that are also still operating in stealth. Additionally, he works closely with Avi Networks (acq. by VMWare), Clockwise, Notable Health.

“I love meeting exceptional founders who are obsessively customer centric, as soon as they begin thinking about starting a new company.”

“Our best investments include those that started with just one or two people, a whiteboard and the will to reinvent an entire industry. Supporting founders as they craft and deliver their product to the first few customers’ hands is what gets me most excited,” said Saam.

Saam brings hands on perspective on the ideas and people who have the potential to drive the transformation of the enterprise software stack. Prior to joining Greylock, Saam founded Guru Labs, a machine learning driven fintech startup, and previously worked in product management at RelateIQ, one of the first applied AI software companies. There, Saam drove the development of data products before and through the company’s acquisition by Salesforce.

His background makes him a natural partner to founders as they navigate the first critical steps of company-building, recruiting and customer development. He is dually obsessed with helping founders advance nascent concepts into companies, and understanding the inner-workings and needs of large enterprise customers.

“Every company is now a technology company, and the software stack that powers them is transforming,” says Saam. “The move to cloud, the rise of AI/ML, and a focus on quality of end-user workflow and collaboration create abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to deliver new superior and disruptive products and solutions.”

Saam grew up in Houston, Texas and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he was a Mayfield Fellow. Outside of work, Saam is an avid tennis player, reader of old books, and fervent fan of Stanford and Houston sports teams.


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