Frictionless Data Security

Bedrock Founders Pranava Adduri and Ganesha Shanmuganathan

We are excited to announce that Greylock led a $10m seed round financing inBedrock Security, a startup focused on delivering frictionless data security as a service for the GenAI era.

Bedrock helps enterprise customers build a robust data security program by providing visibility, data detection and response, and risk surface minimization. In conversations with dozens of CISOs and data teams, it was clear that there is a strong need for a new approach to cloud data security, especially as organizations look towards leveraging GenAI in conjunction with multiple cloud data platforms. Working closely together, the Bedrock founders and Greylock initiated and incubated Bedrock.

The company founders are two accomplished technologists with deep backgrounds in cloud, infrastructure and cybersecurity software: Pranava Adduri and Ganesha Shanmuganathan. They have assembled a rockstar team including individuals who have previously worked on other foundational offerings at companies including AWS, Cohesity, CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, Rubrik and VMware. In prior company roles, Bedrock team members have contributed towards pioneering and collectively shipping multiple cloud and cybersecurity products that serve tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

Bedrock’s data AI Reasoning Engine (AIR) automatically understands what data is most material, helping organizations protect their most valuable assets. Bedrock uses AI reasoning to go beyond fixed rules for the most accurate data discovery, classification, and mapping. The company’s platform makes it easy to set up data perimeters to ring fence regulated data and core IP. Via AIR, organizations can quickly reduce identity overprovisioning for data access, minimize stale data, and track and contain IP. As organizations embrace GenAI, Bedrock can also effectively ensure protected information such as regulated data and core IP is not ingested into AI models. 

Greylock has a distinguished track record in cybersecurity. Prior and current investments include Palo Alto Networks, Okta, Sumo Logic, Imperva, Skyhigh, Demisto, Sqreen and Abnormal Security, Apiiro, Cato Networks, Censys, Cribl, Dazz, Kodem Security, Obsidian Security, Opal, Rubrik and Upwind. 

We are excited and privileged to back the Bedrock team and look forward to partnering with them as they pursue their mission to provide enterprises with frictionless data security for the GenAI era. Please watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Bedrock.