Corinne works with entrepreneurs developing technology to fast-forward businesses into the digital-first world.

Corinne is focused on entrepreneurs and teams at the earliest stages of company development in enterprise software.

Corinne brings global perspective to her role at Greylock. She got involved in startups through Dolead, a leads-generation solution based in France, where she worked on the sales and marketing team. Subsequently, she worked at CapitalSource in the Lending Finance group focusing on fintech startups in Mexico. Her passion for technology stems, in part, from the relatively analog way of life she experienced growing up in the small town of Viareggio, Italy. She said it wasn’t until she left to study at Wales – and later the University of Chicago – that she fully recognized the impact technology could have on everyday life. She was further galvanized to work in the field while working for Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus’s Grameen Bank, where she researched fintech and the mobile penetration movement in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“Having worked with some of the best tech companies with inspiring founders, I have an even stronger appreciation for software that truly makes our quality of life better in ways that people might not directly see on a day-to-day basis, particularly B2B apps, infrastructure and security.”

Corinne is eager to partner with early-stage founders creating technology that fast-forward people and business into a digital-first world. Having worked with large companies well into their journey, Corinne is excited to work with those in the building stages. She is adept at identifying key metrics to guide strategy and develop sales motion, and is particularly excited to partner with founders as they recruit their first few crucial hires.

Corinne joined Greylock following several years in investment banking in the technology practice at Morgan Stanley, working on the IPOs for companies like Uber, Zoom, and Palantir. Corinne lived most of her life in Italy before attending UWC Atlantic College in Wales. She then went to the University of Chicago, where she studied economics and history and was a Shriver Fellow at the Institute of Politics. Outside of work, she is passionate about environmental justice, traveling (pre-COVID), playing tennis, and making accidentally lopsided pottery in San Francisco.


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