Next Generation Application Security

We are excited to announce that Greylock led a $18 million Series A in Kodem.

Founded by three exceptional technologists, Aviv Mussinger, Idan Bartura, and Pavel Furman, Kodem is officially launching today: a next generation application security platform that leverages deep runtime intelligence to understand true application risk. We co-led the seed round at company founding with our friends at TPY Capital, and subsequently led Kodem’s Series A.

As enterprises continue to shift their workloads to the cloud, application security has climbed the priority stack for IT cybersecurity teams. And as more and more companies outside of technology are building significant in-house software development teams, application security has become one of the fastest growing markets in security. Yet it also suffers from one of the largest gaps between evolving customer needs and the capabilities provided by existing vendors. Most security teams do not have visibility into vulnerabilities introduced by the components used in their software, and those that do are often left with an enormous list of potential vulnerabilities devoid of context. Given the limited engineering resources typically available to remediate vulnerabilities, time to remediation remains high and large application risks persist among misguided priorities.

When we first met Aviv, Idan, and Pavel it quickly became clear that they were world-class engineers and researchers who had developed scarce expertise around kernels and operating systems during their time at the IDF and NSO group. This background has proven instrumental in addressing the signal to noise challenge in application security. Kodem’s product combines unparalleled runtime intelligence with deep code understanding to remove false positives and prioritize which vulnerabilities present true risk. By uniquely analyzing the running application, Kodem can understand precisely which components are in use, data movement between them, and therefore the actual risk that is created. Their solution is cloud-native, deploys seamlessly, and provides the highest levels of accuracy with strong growing coverage. Kodem’s platform represents a more intelligent approach to application security that promises both security and development teams the significant jump in productivity required to keep up with the pace and scale of modern software development.

Since founding, Kodem has attracted outstanding talent and has built a very strong product team. See current open positions here. Kodem is currently deployed at several early customers across industries, including financial services, insurance and technology.

Greylock has a distinguished track record in cybersecurity. Prior and current investments include Palo Alto Networks, Okta, Sumo Logic, Imperva, Skyhigh, Demisto, Sqreen and Abnormal Security, Cato Networks, Censys, Cribl, Obsidian, Opal, and Rubrik. We continue to be very active with Israeli startups, including writing the first investor check at company founding (Seed or Series A). Our current Israeli cybersecurity company portfolio includes Apiiro, Cato Networks, Daaz, Kodem and Upwind.

We’re thrilled and privileged to back the Kodem team and look forward to continuing to partner with them closely as they build the industry’s leading next generation application security platform.


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