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Glen helps entrepreneurs build high caliber teams.

Under his leadership, the core talent team at Greylock supports portfolio companies in recruiting and talent acquisition strategies.

“The goal is to build amazing networks to connect our companies and investors with great people,” says Glen. “We act as a bridge of context between everyone.”

An experienced recruiting professional, Glen joined Greylock in 2018 following more than a dozen years overseeing recruiting and team-building at fast-growing tech companies including Slack, Facebook and Google.

Building a strong, adaptable team has never been easy. But the explosion in the number of companies in need of talent – compounded by challenges posed by outside economic forces – has increased Glen’s role over the years. At Greylock, Glen and his team help founders prioritize recruiting as a core, strategic function of their business. The Core Talent team guides entrepreneurs in sourcing as well as the tools and systems available to aid the recruitment, interview and hiring process.

“There has also been tremendous growth in tech sectors, creating much higher demand for great talent, and recruiting is more competitive than ever,” says Glen. “The less transactional recruiting can be, the more focused all parties can be on creating a great experience for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all, but having that mindset leads to the best outcomes.”

At Slack, Glen was the company’s first recruitment director and was responsible for designing talent acquisition strategy during a period of rapid growth, helping the company successfully hire across all functions on a global scale. At Facebook, he was instrumental in building the company’s engineering teams and processes in the early days as they began to scale rapidly. He grew and led a 100 person org supporting 1000 hires per year for Infrastructure, IT and Security across the company. In conjunction, he onboarded Oculus into Facebook’s operations post acquisition while also building their recruiting team to support aggressive growth plans.

Glen is a San Francisco native and received a B.S. in Managerial Economics from University of California, Davis. He is married with three sons, and coaches several of their team sports including lacrosse and baseball.


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