Core talent.

We help founders hire critical engineering, product and design talent.

Talent is always top priority for startups.

Early stage companies need to hire the right engineers, product managers, and designers to build their company to scale. But competition for talent is tough and founders need to think about team-building strategically and establish sustainable processes around recruiting operations from talent acquisition and on-boarding to compensation packages and sourcing systems.

  • Core Talent Recruiting Strategy. We offer guidance on building out a strong internal recruiting function, honing your pitch, recruiting best practices, closing candidates, interview guidance, access to operational resources, recruiting tools/systems advice, referrals to vendors, compensation data.
  • Portfolio Jobs and Candidate Referrals. Promote your open positions through our job portal. Get introductions to exceptional candidates from the Greylock network.
  • University Programs. Access to exceptional undergraduate and graduate technical students and recent grads through the Greylock University network, Techfair and other university events.
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