Seth Rosenberg is Greylock’s Newest General Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Seth Rosenberg has been promoted to general partner at Greylock. Since joining Greylock in 2017, Seth has been instrumental to several of Greylock’s category defining investments including Roblox, Tome, and many of our early stage fintech and crypto portfolio, including Wisetack, PayJoyPine, and Espresso

We’re in the middle of a new computing wave driven by AI, and at Greylock, we have a history partnering with founders building the foundational models, infrastructure, and applications to make AI possible. Seth is excited to back product-obsessed founders who are making AI useful to the masses. Specifically, in fintech, he believes there’s an opportunity for deep domain experts to transform the vast amount of text trapped in receipts, bank statements, and pay stubs into intelligent payments, risk management, and consumer companies. He also believes that co-pilots will accelerate and augment knowledge workers’ lives in otherwise expensive industries like wealth management and accounting by decreasing the cost to serve customers.

Seth has expanded our domain expertise in applied AI for productivity software, and has been a steward of Greylock’s distinguished track record of partnering with ambitious engineers and product builders to initiate and incubate companies. In 2020, Seth incubated Tome, led the company’s first round of funding, and joined the board as a director. Launched just 9 months ago, Tome’s AI storytelling product has become one of the fastest growing enterprise apps of all time, with more than 10M users. 

Seth brings notable product bona fides – and early AI product chops –  to Greylock. During Seth’s time as a product manager at Facebook (now Meta), he launched Messenger as a stand-alone app, which grew to be one of a handful of apps used by over 1 billion people globally every month. In 2016, he launched the AI bot platform for Messenger, which was an early attempt to use AI and natural language processing to unlock the ability to provide personalized, interactive experiences. 

In addition to his work with a growing community of AI product leaders, we’re excited to have Seth based in New York, where he’ll be leading Greylock’s presence in the city.  Seth is competitive and high horsepower, and we know he’ll be an exceptional partner to entrepreneurs. Please join us in congratulating Seth — you can reach him at seth [at] greylock [dot] com and follow him on [Twitter/X] @SethGRosenberg and on LinkedIn.