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Castles in the Cloud

Greylock’s interactive project maps multiple data points of the cloud computing ecosystem — and plots new opportunities for success.

Building a Winning Business in the Shadow of AWS, GCP, and Azure.

31 Markets

The number of markets Big 3 Cloud services are categorized into by Greylock, based on the functionalities and end users they serve

202 Submarkets

Number of different offerings and capabilities offered by the Big 3 Cloud providers within each given market

611 Services

Total services offered by Big 3 Cloud providers

213 Emerging Startups

All companies valued ~$500M-$1B competing with Big Cloud services, as well as select startups valued under $500M

Source: Methodology

197 Unicorns

Companies worth +$1B competing with Big Cloud services

Source: Methodology

$177B VC Funding

Total VC funding into the cloud ecosystem in the US in 2019-2022, according 
to Pitchbook.

Source: Methodology

Market Map

An interactive map of all cloud services offered by AWS, Azure, and GCP, and their startup challengers, since 2019.

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Data Table

Interactive database of services across the Big 3 cloud companies, tagged by common markets and submarkets. Since certain services are applicable to several markets and submarkets, a number of them will appear across more than one combination of market and submarket.

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VC Funding

Interactive map of VC investments into the challenger companies since 2019. Data on private company investments was derived from Pitchbook.

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